• What is a Serviced Apartment?

What is a Serviced Apartment?

1.What Is a Serviced Apartment?

Serviced apartments are extended-stay accommodations that provide the best living space for long-stay residents in Tokyo, such as foreign expats staying in Japan for a period of time.
Guest services by bilingual staff, room cleaning and other detailed services such as replacing bed sheets and bath towels by skilled housekeeping staff provide the same convenience and comfort as in a hotel.
All rooms have furniture, electric appliances, tableware, cooking utensils, and other necessities, and all expenses such as utilities, CATV, and Internet access are included in the rent.
The lease contract period can range from one night to more than one year, depending on your schedule.
Serviced apartments are the first choice for those seeking a fulfilling stay in Japan.
You can rest assured and try our Extended Stay Finder for finding a room, how to check in, and suggestions on how to spend your stay.

2.Differences from Typical Rental Housing Services

Nowadays, hotels also offer long-stay plans (serviced apartment plans). How do their long-stay plans and serviced apartments differ from typical rental housing services?

    ◆ Common Features with Typical Rental Housing

    You can cook and do laundry by yourself.

    You can live at your own pace.

    ◆ Differences from Typical Rental Housing

    Since serviced apartments come with furniture, electric appliances, and other necessary equipment for daily life, there is no need to “move in,” “prepare furniture and electric appliances,” or “pay initial expenses” such as a security deposit, key money, and a brokerage fee. You can start living from the day you move in.

    <Lease Term>

    A minimum one night to a year-long extended stay is available  
    (rental housing: a fixed two-year lease term is common).

    <Furniture and Electric Appliances>

    Furniture, electric appliances, bed linens, tableware, and cooking utensils are among those provided. 
    (Rental housing: rooms with furniture and electric appliances are very few, requiring a tenant to prepare them.)

    <Initial Cost Such as Security Deposit and Key Money>

    A security deposit is required in many cases, but key money and a brokerage fee are not required.  
    (Rental housing: such expenses are required for many properties.)

    <Additional Services Available during Your Stay>

    They include bed linen change, cleaning service, fitness gym, and breakfast service (available services vary by property).  
    (Rental housing: such services are usually not available.)

    <Utilities and Other Running Expenses>

    Expenses such as utilities, Internet access, and CATV are covered.  
    (Rental housing: a tenant is responsible for signing and cancelling a utilities contract, as well as the payment on their own.)

3.Advantages and Disadvantages of Serviced Apartments

You can fully enjoy serviced apartments by knowing their advantages and disadvantages.

    <Advantage 1>Short lease term with a minimum one night stay is available.

    <Advantage 2>Comfortable living is promised from the day you move in.

    Serviced apartments are fully furnished and equipped with daily necessities such as electric appliances, kitchen facilities, and Internet access. You can start living comfortably right after check-in with only one suitcase. There are no additional costs such as utilities other than a rent.

    <Advantage 3>Multilingual support and quick response for trouble shooting.

    Serviced apartments have a well-developed service system, often with a concierge and support staff available 24 hours a day for security and in case of an emergency.

    <Disadvantage 1>The service is not yet widely available in Japan.

    Available properties are fewer than hotels and general apartment rentals, and depending on the time of year, area, and customer needs, there may be no vacancies.

    <Disadvantage 2>Monthly rent for serviced apartments is higher than rental housing.

    <Disadvantage 3>BBasically, furniture and electric appliances are not allowed to be brought in, which limits a customer’s desire to create the room of their choice.

    If stayed for an extended period, serviced apartments are less expensive than short-stay hotels, but they may be a little more expensive than rental housing. When selecting a facility or property to use, we recommend that you consider the standard price in the neighboring area and the length of your stay.

    ◆ Tips to Choose a Serviced Apartment

    When choosing a serviced apartment, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, so you can compare its features, advantages and disadvantages. We will be happy to help you find the best property that meets your needs.

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