Shinagawa/Meguro Tourist Information


This area is very convenient for public transportation and has many entertaining facilities. You can find comfortable stays as well as exciting tourist destinations.  A great place to be with friends, family and even by yourself.

Shinagawa Aquarium

On the grounds of the Shinagawa Ward Residents’ Park in Tokyo lies the welcoming Shinagawa Aquarium. It’s particularly popular with families, as you can enjoy intimate dolphin and sea lion performances, feed seals and otters, and interact with the friendly fish.
It’s close to Haneda Airport, making it easy to access from overseas or from other parts of Japan. Let’s see what Shinagawa Aquarium has to offer!

Kokushu Sakaba SAGA: Tokyo’s Fun Standing Bar Specializing in Sake From Saga Prefecture

Sake comes in a variety of flavors, from clear and dry to fruity, sweet, and easy to drink – and slightly fizzy varieties. You should definitely sample a few and find your favorite when visiting Japan. Kokushu Sakaba SAGA, a standing-only sake bar that opened in Oimachi, Tokyo in September 2019. This bar specializes in sake from Saga Prefecture, and it’s the perfect place to sample many different varieties from different brewers.

Happoen with its beautiful Japanese garden

Tokyo’s Happo-En: The Majestic Japanese Garden of Eight Views
Famous in Japan for its wedding hall, Happo-en is, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, not really highlighted in traditional books on tourism. Yet, the “Garden of Eight Views” is like a peaceful and romantic oasis of green.

Outlet Stores for Cheap Shoes in Tokyo

Outlet Stores for Cheap Shoes in Tokyo
Everyone loves to go on a bit of a shopping spree every now and then, and managing to find stylish looks at bargain prices makes the experience even better! And it’s all the better when you’re looking for shoes in Japan.

All-you-can-eat domestic wagyu beef for 3,980 yen! Watami's yakiniku restaurant "Kamimura Ranch"

High-quality A4 Wagyu beef is brought to you on an express lane like a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. 3980 yen per person includes all-you-can-eat Japanese Wagyu beef, noodles, sushi, salad, ice cream, and more.

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Opened in 2005 as an urban aquarium in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, it was reborn in 2015 as an entertainment facility offering cutting-edge healing and surprises through ‘sound, light and images’. The world’s first permanent aquarium with a touch screen, the Jellyfish Rumble, a healing space of shimmering jellyfish, sound and light, and a merry-go-round surrounded by a wall of LED lights are just some of the attractions created by the fusion of various technologies and spectacular decorations in the aquarium and attractions. The entertainment world expands. The ‘Dolphin Performance’ on the circular pool stage is a must-see. Mini performances by fur seals and penguins are also popular. With convenient access just a two-minute walk from Shinagawa Station and a variety of performances that vary with the season and day/night, it is recommended for families as well as romantic evening dates.

An island of art, a town with a heart Tennozu Isle

An island of art, a city with heart: Tennoz Isle
Tennoz Isle is an island 200,000 square meters in area that was developed as a fort in the Edo period.
Making the maximum use of the waterfront location encircled by Tokyo Bay, boardwalks spanning the island act as places to rest, and there are several piers to enjoy. Tennoz Isle is drawing increased attention as a site that will lead shipboard transit in the Tokyo area and act as a vital link to Haneda Airport and the metropolitan center.A range of shops and office buildings are all integrated in this area. There are spacious restaurants and cafes along the canals, as well as The Galaxy Theatre and various art galleries and event spaces. Tennoz Isle is used for open-air markets, art events, film locations, and more, and continues to be one of Tokyo’s leading destinations.

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