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Roppongi/Azabu Tourist Information


What’s ‘ZERO ROPPONGI’ – And How Is It Making Sightseeing Safer In Roppongi?
Roppongi is one of Japan’s most famous and popular tourism spots, an entertainment district that “never sleeps.” But despite its spectrum of sightseeing attractions, it has a certain reputation that might scare off more timid visitors. But did you know that Roppongi’s reputation is undergoing a change? The entire district is undertaking measures to better uphold rules, aiming to make it a safer place and somewhere easy to visit. Here, we’ll go over the rules for having fun safely in Roppongi, and the new initiatives underway by the people of Roppongi.

Azabujuban Shotengai

Azabujuban is a town that has flourished since ancient times. The shotengai (shopping street) is lined with over 300 stores, including long-standing restaurants that have existed since the Edo Period and modern cafes and shops. The street expands across the Azabujuban O-dori, Patio Dori and the whole of Sendaisaka. The embassies of multiple countries are in this area and many foreigners reside here, so it also has a rich international aspect.


Eating Out in Azabujuban

The Azabujuban Shopping district is known to be visited by many foreigners and there is a whole world of international cuisine to be explored by the keen gourmet! Let’s take a tour to savor the best local specialties.


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower should be at the top of your sightseeing destinations. A spot visited by many tourists, it affords a perfect panoramic bird’s-eye view of the world’s largest city and at different times there are attractions held within the observation decks as well. Let’s take a closer look at this hallmark that has been popular with so many for so long!


‘Zojo-ji’ 10 Must-See Famous Temples in Tokyo

Zojo-ji is the temple that contains the graves of the shogun (generals) who controlled Japan from 1603 onward for 265 years. Inside the large premises adjacent to Tokyo Tower, six shogun, their legal wives, and concubines are buried. The graves of the shogun family and the treasure exhibition rooms require a fee to enter. The blue, bronze gate decorated with dragons at the entrance to the graves is a former national treasure that is really worth seeing.


Tokyo Midtown in Akasaka: The Five Must-Visit Spots

The popular attractions in Akasaka’s Tokyo Midtown are representative of the bustling Japanese metropolis. Besides fancy shops and modern restaurants, there are also lush green spaces to relax in, intriguing museums, and energetic live houses that guarantee for a great time. We’ve selected the five must-visit spots to fully indulge in the cosmopolitan Midtown atmosphere!


Discover the Many Attractions of the National Art Center, Tokyo - Art, Architecture, Gastronomy and Beyond!

The National Art Center, Tokyo (NACT) is anything but average, lacking as it does a permanent collection. Rather than slowing the NACT down, however, this keeps the center buzzing, as it uses its massive exhibition space to host diverse art exhibitions. These focus not only on modern and contemporary artists and movements, but also extend to themed exhibitions such as fashion, manga and anime. Presenting a diverse array of art, however, is just one of the NACT’s aims. The center also works to collect and disseminate information and art materials on exhibitions past and present, as well as various items related to modern and contemporary art. Plus it provides educational programs for the public, including lectures and symposiums.


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