• To Property Owners

To Property Owners (Regarding Property Listings)

To Owners Considering Listing Their Properties

Please list your property on Extended Stay Finder, a web matching service driven by Asahi Homes Ltd. We are a pioneer in the serviced apartment industry. We match property owners with medium to long-term-stay customers.

Matching Website Mediated by Dedicated Advisors

Through Extended Stay Finder, our Dedicated Advisors directly introduce customers to the perfect room they are looking for.

  • ◆ Finely Selected Information
  • We select and introduce the most suitable properties from a professional point of view, instead of having customers search for properties from a vast amount of information by themselves.
  • ◆ One-on-one Support
  • We will carefully answer every single question our customers may have regarding the property, surrounding environment, commuting methods, and the availability of recreational facilities. We also provide sincere consultation even after the lease contract is signed.
  • ◆ Access to Private Property Lists
  • Our Dedicated Advisors have the ability to introduce limited private properties.

Smooth Procedures

Our Dedicated Advisors will answer any questions, introduce properties and confirm guest intensions of signing a contract.

We will make sure to introduce a property that fulfils the guests needs to avoid any future problems or additional requests.

Contact us.

Please feel free to consult with our staff regarding lease contracts, listing methods, fees, and other concerns.

Owners who would like to list their serviced apartments, please click here.

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